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"vRealize Operations Insight: vRealize Operations Management and Log Insight "Better Together""

vRealize Operations Management is about having the "Operational Intelligence" to more efficiently manage your environment. read more

"SDDC 2015: Are you Ready?"

Chris Wolf presented at the VMUG today and started with the concept of a liquid world. Chris mentions we are living in an increasingly liquid world read more

"Assign an AppStack to a View Desktop Pool"

Okay this is the last post on this topic. It is fairly straight forward now that we have completed the installation and created an AppStack read more

"VMware App Volumes: Creating an AppStack"

In order to create an AppStack you will need a Provisioning desktop. read more

"VMware App Volumes: Installation"

For VMware App Volumes you will need an App Volume Management server and database. You can deploy Windows 2012 more

"VMware App Volumes Introduction "App Delivery at the speed of Cloud"

Okay so the title is a little hokey but the topic is cool. I have been interested in CloudVolumes since VMware made the acquisition last year. "App Volumes" (the VMware release of CloudVolumes) is now available. read more

The Evolution of Atlantis: USX

Atlantis USX is a Software Designed Storage (SDS) solution that has been generally available since January of this year. Interest and adoption have been strong due to the importance of Software Defined Storage (SDS). read more

Thanks Halifax VMUG!

The Halifax VMUG group has been running strong for 6 years thanks to the dedicated efforts of Percy Gouchie, Greg Heard and Alex Stefishen. read more @ VMworld 2014

Well it has been a busy couple of weeks at the show but it was a great event. Stephane Asselin (@virtualstef) and I had a great time at our presentation during VMworld 2014. read more

Practical Virtualization in the Social Media

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Paul O'Doherty BiographyPaul O'Doherty works for the CTO office of OnX Enterprise Solutions as a Cloud Solutions and EUC specialist, specializing in the architecture and delivery of cloud-based infrastructure and end user services. Paul has written several books including VMware View 5: Building a Successful Virtual Desktop released by VMware Press and the follow up title VMware Horizon Suite: Building End User services with his collaboration partner Stephane Asselin.

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